The parliamentary faction of BYuT has forwarded a letter to the President of Ukraine with remarks to the State budget bill for 2007 and called the Head of the State “to react sufficiently” to this document. Leader of the BYuT faction Yulia Tymoshenko told parliamentary journalists in an interview, ForUm’s correspondent reported.

At the same time she emphasized “We understand that the President has a right to veto this budget bill. At the same time, as the President of the country, he must realize that a new budget draft bill can’t be passed before 2007 and veto this budget will practically destabilize the budget life of the country in 2007.”

The BYuT in its letter addresses to the President to call the parliamentary majority and the Government to make significant changes in the budget draft bill within maximum some months. According to Tymoshenko, Yushchenko mustn’t veto the given budget bill “not to give the dark manual regulations the budget in 2007.” “The President shouldn’t be responsible for this document until changes are made in this bill,” she said.

The BYuT’s leader considers that the Government and the antirecessionary coalition must be responsible for this draft bill. “Let they be responsible for that they try to do with the country in 2007 with the help of this budget bill,” Yulia Tymoshenko emphasized.


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