The BYuT’s leader Yulia Tymoshenko considers that the current Government has no civil courage to create opposition with strong status.

She declared it at the interview to international weekly “Profil Ukraine”.

“The opposition law won’t be considered in the nearest future. The current Government has no civil courage to create opposition with strong status, definite its rights and responsibility,” she said.

According to Tymoshenko, deputies of Party of Regions’ faction make all efforts to take away opposition elements that give the opposition rights of control. For example, they even refused from norms of their bill draft, suggested opposition to be head of budget committee and to form Account Chamber of the Verkhovna Rada. They want to create uncontrolled government that as a result, will destroy itself and society.”

Speaking about cooperation of branches of the power after the constitutional reform had come in Tymoshenko noted that “it is a stalemate situation in the country.”

“The President and the Premier are in opposition to each other, and the coalition is represented by the political forces with absolutely different ideologies. In such situation neither the President nor the PM have time to rule the country, as they need to protect their plenary powers and resist attempts of opponents to deprive a part of their credentials,” Tymoshenko considers.

She underlined that “the constitutional reform has give rise to political cannibalism – who will first eat influence.”


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