Chairman of Lviv regional organization of Batkivshchyna Ivan Denkovych sees two ways of development after integration of Party of Reforms and Order (PRP) and the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko: either PRP joins Batkivshchyna or PRP enters the BYuT, what involves change of the bloc’s name. Denkovych told Monday.

“On Wednesday Yulia Tymoshenko intends to gather us in Kyiv to determine further joint steps of the BYuT and PRP in the regions. Either PRP joins Batkivshchyna or PRP enters the BYuT, and then we may invent new name of the bloc. I don’t see any other way out,” Denkovych said.

As a reminder, Yulia Tymoshenko’s Block and Party of Reforms and Order made a decision of joining up. Such decision was made at the XII session of PRP held in Kyiv on December 3.

In accordance with submission of a correspondent resolution, governing organs of PRP are entrusted to work through documents that are necessary for realization of session’s decision.

The correspondent agreement foresees joining up the political powers to take into practice the program of democratically coalition, “which has been destroyed as a result of people’s betrayal and deceit, to form mutually oppositional government, to support the common candidate at the next presidential elections, to make agreed lists of candidates at the next elections for the Verkhovna Rada and local authorities, to include in block’s council chairman of PRP Viktor Pynsenyk and other delegated party’s representatives 


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