Extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of Russia in Ukraine Victor Chernomyrdin is convinced that Ukraine’s accession into NATO does not threaten Russia’s national security, but will change economic relations between the two countries.

“Why do you think Ukraine’s accession into NATO may threaten us? The matter concerns absolutely different thing. We worry about economic relations. IN short, Russia does not want Ukraine to turn from the former Soviet republic into a foreign country. And Ukraine must worry over this thing more than we do,” Chernomyrdin told “Den’” newspaper.

“The matter concerns economic relations. NATO is a military bloc. In case of Ukraine’s accession into it, we won’t be able cooperate openly and frankly in all spheres as we do now. Why? The country will fit other parameters then,” the ambassador said.

“Ukraine must think over this. You don’t know what it will result in,” Chernomyrdin summed up.


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