Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Tetyana Kornyukova told a press conference that former government of Naftogaz Ukrainy plundered budget means, ForUm’s correspondent reported.

“Former high officials of Fuel and Energy Ministry and national gas and oil company Naftogaz Ukrainy Plachkov and Ivchenko went January 5, 2006 to Ivano-Frankivsk region to celebrate Christmas. They arrived there with their families, numbering 15 people, by specially ordered plane TU-134, paid for the expense of state means. Then, January 9 a plane Yak-40 delivered Mr and Mrs Plachkov to Boryspil from Ivano Fransivks. The state paid 170 thousand hryvnias for these flights.

Additionally, December 25, 2005 a plane TU-134 with 15 members of Naftogaz leadership with families on board, totally numbering 30 persons, left for Lviv from Kyiv.

Kornyakova underlined that according to the documents this delegation directed to “hold joint meeting.” Besides Plachkov and Ivchenko, other representatives of this company with their wives were among the declared officials. This flight cost the budget 125 thousand hryvnias

According to Kornyakova, altogether in 2005 and the first half of 2006 officials of Naftogaz and its daughter enterprises took 80 flights paid at the expense of the state budget in the amount of 14 million hryvnias.


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