On the extended session of the Cabinet it is planned to pass a draft resolution of the Cabinet on strengthening fight against corruption, Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych declared.

Estimating the current situation on corruption in Ukraine, Yanukovych noted that “corruption has grown stronger for the past two years.”

The Premier specified that the matter concerns corruption in the spheres of health care, education and housing. Examining facts of corruption in budget sphere the new government has come across shocking showings, Yanukovych said.

 “Results of the examinations, conducted by State control and revision service and Prosecutor’s Office, prove that separate distributors of budget means, officials of the executive power and local governments continue practice of illegal and non-purpose use of state budget,” the Premier said.

Yanukovych underlined that state budget’s losses through corruption made about nine milliard hryvnias.

Ukraine’s PM charged law enforcement bodies with a job of finding and naming corrupted officials in executive vertical of the power.

“I demand to promulgate names of concrete people, engaged in corruption, and they must be punished,” the Premier said.

The Prime Minister also considers it necessary to publish facts of corruption and plunder of the state budget and to make the corresponding documents open for Mass Medias.

 “We must abandon the practice of silent work, when corruption and corrupted officials are mention in a whisper. We must start working openly and transparently,” Yanukovych stated.


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