The decree of the previous government on obligatory Ukrainian dub of movies broadcasted in Ukraine’s cinemas has been cancelled. The corresponding decision was made by Appeal court of Kyiv, executive director of Ukraine cinematograph development Association Tetyana Smirnova reported.

According to her, the Association appealed this decree as it was impracticable and led to great losses.

“Some cinemas in Eastern regions were going to rent out buildings, as people refused to attend Ukrainian performances. We gathered statistics in cinemas. In Odessa, for example, a Ukrainian performance was on and only nine visitors came to watch it, while Russian performance gathered 200 people,” Smirnova said.

“Crimean cinemas did not take Ukrainian dubbed movies at all, as they have no such audience,” she added.

“Kyiv is more democratic city, but it is the matter of quality of the dub. Ukrainian translations are poor. That is why people prefer to buy DVD and watch qualitative movie in any language they want,” Smirnova states.


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