Under cover of President Victor Yushchenko Ukraine illegally sells weapon to Georgia, as the leader of Communist party of Ukraine Petro Symonenko told journalists in the Verkhovna Rada.

“Official Kyiv is a center of illegal arms traffic. More than 40 tanks, as well as missile systems and complexes, and other kinds of weapon, have been sold to Georgia,” Symonenko stated, “Novy region” informed.

“Ukraine may become a hostage of international conflicts, namely on initiative of the President and his team, who allows illegal arm traffic to Georgia,” he added.

According to Symonenko, communist faction initiates formation of an investigation commission in the parliament to examine facts of illegal trade in arms abroad.

The leader of communists expressed assurance that “certain generals gain millions out of this sale”, and that facts of illegal export of weapon is being hidden with the help of fires in military storehouses.


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