Petro Poroshenko, a Chairman of the VR Committee on Finances and Bank Activity, requested the Cabinet’s representatives to submit draft bills related to Ukraine’s accession to the WTO for consideration of the Committee. The documents will be addressed in the first place.

Among the urgent questions of talks’ agenda on Ukraine’s accession into the WTO are following: implementation of the transparent, predictable state agricultural policy, tax policy towards agricultural sector, export tax duty on iron-and-steel scrap and waste, cattle, rawstock; existing ban on export of non-ferrous metals scrap; application of the export subventions on milk and dairy products; intellectual rights protection when commodity is crossed the Ukrainian custom border; restrictions of mediation activity within the territory of Ukraine concerning conclusion of insurance treaties with the foreign insurers for five-year period since entry into the WTO; existing restrictions of foreign capital for the services of printed output distribution for five-year transmission period; cancellation of the restrictive period of used transport import into the custom territory of Ukraine; sanitary and phyto-sanitary; technical regulation rules.

If Ukraine finalises adjustment of its legislation with the WTO standards and principles, inks mutual access to markets and services and works out final version of the Working Group’s report, it will be the WTO member by the end of 2006.


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