Ministers appointed by the OU quota have sent in a resignation applications and submitted them to Roman Bezsmertny, the OU leader. Thereby, they made a political gesture demonstrating their readiness to resign from teh Cabinet at any moment, Yuri Pavlenko, Ukraine’s Youth, Family and Sport Minister, revealed Wednesday after the Cabinet’s session.

“The resignation applications have been inked and submitted to the faction’s leader. It is not the matter of single minister’s fate but the fate of the whole Ukraine. While the National Unity Pact is not implemented in full, the main goal of the national unity coalition formation has not achieved,” said Minister Pavlenko.

According to his words, after the applications have been handed over to Roman Bezsmertny, the talks on broad coalition formation will be renewed. “I have written my resignation application and given it to Bezsmertny in order to keep negotiating on national unity coalition formation,” stressed Minister Pavlenko.

Commenting on further unfolding of events, Pavlenko opined that the National Unity Pact may be passed as an Act by the Verkhovna Rada.

In the same time, having left the session hall, Ukraine’s Justice Minister Roman Zvarych refused to answer journalists’ questions: “I’ve nothing to tell you.”

In response to the question when he would have something to say to the journalists, Zvarych said: “You have to understand that silence, mine in particular, is not only my decision. Do you understand or not?” The question whether it was the President’s decision was left without his response.

Transport and Communication Minister Mykola Rud’kovsky was puzzled by media attention towards the resignations’ issue: “We were working together, nobody has ever touched this issue. We were addressing the issues related to the future of 2007-2008…” resumed Minister Rud’kovsky.


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