MP Rinat Akhmetov has allotted funds for reconstruction of Sophia Kyivs’ka Metropolitan Chambers, Kyiv Governor Vira Ul’yanchenko informed.

In response to the question whether the businessmen rendering financial help, would use it for influence on the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko in future, Ul’yanchenko said: “Thanks God, they did not practiced it when they were doing great job in Baturyn for two years. To finally prove it they need to work two years more.”

As an example, she drew Rinat Akhmetov who did not stipulate the financial help for Sophia Kyivs’ka.

In her opinion, it is not self-interest but a desire to leave fond memories of themselves which guides Akhmetov and other businessmen.

“Why cannot you understand that when a person has earned such sum of money he may have a motive to contribute into the history of his country? Or may be we always must have a black eye on somebody, must not we?


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