Victor Yushchenko has met with Vasyl Onopenko, who was elected the head of the Supreme Court of Ukraine last week, President's press office reported.

They discussed challenges facing Ukraine’s justice. Onopenko said the most pressing problems were insufficient funding and incompetence of judges. The judicial branch now has the deficit of UAH 5 mln and thus there is no money to pay salaries. Onopenko criticized judges for poor qualifications. He believes it is inadmissible that some courts, particularly in Crimea, do not consider cases for years. He added that he was going to replace several judges of administrative courts.

Yushchenko said the financial issue was really important and suggested that they quarterly monitor the situation.

He also promised to submit his proposals on judicial reforms to the Verkhovna Rada and said it would be a good idea to create a group involving scholars, lawyers and judges to formulate a strategy aimed at reforming the country’s judicial system. 


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