September 26, Chief of Staff Viktor Baloha has held a meeting with Ukraine’s governors.

Opening the meeting, he said "nothing has changedin the regions sincethe constitutional changes were passed." Victor Baloha said Victor Yushchenko demands that the executive system should be reinforced, improve its efficiency and also cooperate with regional councils. He added thatthe head of state did not want regional administrations and oblast councils to “senselessly compete” and urged them to clearly define their duties and functions, the president press office reports.

“The development of the regions is our key priority,” stressed Baloha.

The chief of staff promised to hold regularly meetings with the governors and they in turns pledged to submit weekly reports to the President.

“Victor Yushchenko is scheduled to meet with the governors, heads of regional councils and mayors on Thursday and Friday,” he said.

He said these meetings would focus on budget issues, staff policy and cooperation with law enforcement agencies.

Victor Baloha said there were obvious attempts to reduce the authority of the regional administrations.

“The President will use all his mechanisms to secure the executive system in the country,” he said, adding that “mistrust is often politically motivated, but if it has no grounds and an individual works well, a person will continue working.”

The chief of staff said the implementation of the President’s orders should be the key task for all the administrations and promised to monitor this process.


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