On September 25, Ukraine's Secretariat Chief of Staff Victor Baloha met with Russia’s Ambassador to Ukraine Victor Chernomyrdin.

In the course of the discussion, the main attention was focused on issues related to bridging closer economic and trade relations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. The participants also addressed the working moments of the Ukraine-Russia Interstate Commission.

Baloha on behalf of the President of Ukraine wanted to enhance Ukraine’s strategic partnership with Russia, making the relations mutually beneficial. The official Kyiv regards the commission as an important mechanism of developing the political and economic dialogue, Baloha opined.

“Ukraine insists that it is important to complete organizational procedures to conduct the first meeting of the interstate commission,” he said.

The chief of staffsaid the Ukrainian government strived to preserve bilateral economic achievementsbut also start implementing specific projects, the president press office informs. He added that “there are no political and cultural problems between Ukraine and Russia, but there isa problem of trust, which we must resolve.”

Chernomyrdin said Russia wanted to develop dynamic and constructive relations.

They agreed to meet regularly to discuss and solve problems.


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