The draft bell on Official Status of Russian Language has been registered in the Verkhovna Rada. MPs suppose that if it is enough votes to pass it then the President of Ukraine will veto it.

The draft bill #1120 provides for all acts and decrees of the state institutions will be in two languages – Russian and Ukrainian. It also provide for possibility to use Russian for education, cultural sphere, TV broadcasting, legal procedure etc.

“I am convinced the draft will get obligatory number of votes (226) but most likely the President of Ukraine will veto the bill. Of course, we would hardly collect 300 votes to override it. However, we do not give up the strategic idea of recognition of Russian as the second state language,” said PR MP Yevhen Kushnaryov.

The Socialists are more optimistic tuned concerning this issue. “Most likely the bill will get 226 votes to be approved but the President will veto it. However, I do not rule out that the Rada will support it by 300 votes. The approval of this bill will put an end of Ukrainian East-West confrontation,” responded Socialist Vasyl Volga.

The pro-presidential party is absolute confident that the President would not approve it under no circumstances. Vyacheslav Kyrylenko has stressed that it would violate the National Unity Pact.

BYuT also has criticised such intentions. “The corresponding bill contradicts in general to the state policy of the country. There is no such problem as Russian language. We must protect Ukrainian first of all,” opined BYuT member Anatoly Seminoha.


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