The OU Political Council has made a decision that if the Anti-Crisis Coalition fails to clarify principal positions in ten days the Our Ukraine Party will join the opposition, OU MP Anatoly Matvienko states Thursday to the journalists.

According to matvienko, ten days is enough for subjects of the Anti-Crisis coalition to set any issues and positions. “If it is not done it will be treated as an intentional deviation form the National Unity Pact and it will prove that there is no word in the politics but only absolutely opportunistic approach and profit-making policy. If that is the case we will be forced to join the opposition,” stressed Matvienko.

In his believe, the existing coalition is intentionally delaying the broad coalition formation. SPU and CPU play rather significant role in it because they have “a golden share,” Matvienko opines.

“We state our readiness to find a compromise except the principal positions such as pro-European choice, Euro integration, the Eu and the language issue,” concluded Matvienko.


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