MP Yevhen Kushnatyov supposes that the parliament must elect the President of Ukraine. “I had told it before the communists although I am not inclined to claim thee authorship to this idea because such form is natural with relation to full-fledge parliamentary-presidential republic. Such country has the President elected by the MPs. It helps to get rid of diarchy problem and allows the President to judge disputes and to be a guarantor of the Constitution,” said Kushnaryov to Izvestiya in Ukraine daily.

“Now I am working on the in-depth draft and I will propound our faction to take this course,” stressed Kushnaryov. He suspects that “current model consists of the salvation of diarchy problems which may result in dangerous confrontation between the President, the Cabinet and partially the parliament.”

Regarding the broad coalition issue, Kushnaryov voiced an opinion that it would not be easy for the Our Ukraine to decide it.


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