Yevhen Chervonenko Zaporizhzhya Governor and the Our Ukraine Political Council member has subjected to criticism the future of his party.

“I remain a member of the OU Political Council but I have no illusions regarding its coming future,” said he in his interview to Izvestia in Ukraine daily.

“If Our Ukraine Party does not change the situation existing now – few people pass decisions and submit them for ‘approval’ to the Political Council – such party will have no future,” stated Chervonenko.

According to his belief, “an abscess” of Our Ukraine reached the crisis point long time ago. “In the nearest time we will hold a session where the issue of OU further existence will be addressed,” added Chervonenko.

Touching the issue on possible the OU joining the broad coalition, Chervonenko stressed that the agreement with the Party of Regions should be inked earlier when the conditions were more preferable for the OU.

He also emphasised that the National Unity Universal consists the principles of the further democratic development of Ukraine.

“I wish it were implemented by the parties which had ratified it. However, nobody can be sure in the country where to betray means to foresee,” concluded Zaporizhzhya Governor Chervonenko.


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