The Cabinet of Ukraine intends to scale up expenses for educational needs now and in the next year as well, PM Yanukovich has emphasised opening the school year in Yalta school #2.

He also stressed the necessity to improve social and work conditions, material basis for teachers, to make preferable conditions for them to work at schools. He pledged 10%-salary increase for teachers by the end of the current year. The coming educational reform will be aimed at pupils and stipulate for better and stable financing of the educational sector.

According to PM’s words, the education is the main priority for Ukraine.

“The future of the country is in the teachers’ arms,” concluded PM Yanukovich.

Speaking about pressing questions of this sector, PM Yanukovich stated the poorest condition of the rural schools. Among the measures for recovery and reconstruction within this field, PM Yanukovich called first of all an increase in pay for the rural teachers.


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