Our Ukraine Party may bring an action against Moroz’s actions

In an interview to the journalists Roman Zvarych called Moroz’s announcement on liquidation of the democratic collation was unauthorized and illegal.

“In connection with it, we are ready to bring a corresponding action demanding to declare illegality of such actions performed by Speaker Moroz and in accordance with chapter 7, article 83 of the Constitution of Ukraine which prohibits existence of two coalitions in the parliament. Thereby, we will demand to declare invalid the agreement on formation of the Anti-crisis coalition or as Oeksandr Moroz said – ‘anti-democratic,’” stressed Zvarych.

The action is to be brought in Pechersk Kyiv Court, Zvarych said.

Zvarych is confident that the orange forces will win this case. In conclusion he recalled that the MPs cannot personally quit the coalition.


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