“We will decide how to react to the PR’s ultimatum on a coalition meeting, including their demands as for appointment of a speaker and a prime minister, distribution of VR committees and CC judges swear-in process,” Our Ukraine faction leader Roman Bezsmertny told journalists. “”.

“I think that ultimatums are not the best way to start a dialogue as a war usually follows ultimatums. We can treat it as certain position of the Party of Regions. I wish the people that had made an ultimatum simply do not understand what they provoked. If a parliamentary sitting does not take place within 30 days, the parliament will be dissolved,” Bezsmertny noted.

 “It is high time for Party of Regions to understand finally that it is necessary to look for a compromise instead of making ultimatums. The coalition will decide whether it would be better to look for a compromise or make re-elections,” the Our Ukraine leader summed up.


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