US President George Bush postponed his official visit to Ukraine to uncertain time, as Tone Snow President’s press secretary reported during Press Briefing in Washington on June 8.

In response to the question why the President isn't going to Kiev, Mr. Snow said: “The President will be going to Kiev. We've just postponed the trip. There will be a trip, but we're going to go to Budapest. This wasn't a good time, and we're going to find a better time.”

First President Bush will visit Budapest, Hungary, for a bilateral program on June 22, 2006, following his participation in the U.S.-European Union summit in Vienna, Austria. In Budapest the President will celebrate Hungary's historic sacrifices in the name of freedom by commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, underscore the success of the U.S.-European partnership in securing freedom in the region, and highlight the lessons offered from Hungary's successful transition from tyranny to free market democracy.


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