The Junge family’s vault has been officially handed over under the patronage of the German Culture Centre. Such decision was passed by majority of Koktebel Village Council at the special session.

The burial place will be registered as a historical monument.

Earlier, a private firm has claimed to rent the part of Koktebel Bay coast where the family vault of the famous ophthalmologist and founder of Koktebel Eduard Junge is situated. The dwellers of the resort village protested against it and urged the local people’s deputies to protect the burial place of the Koktebel founder.

The vault is under patronage of Deutsche Club Gemainschaft Culture Centre. The Centre has already formed a tutorial council consisted of a legal expert, scientists, people’s deputies and experts of local lore.

According to Svetlana Minikh, a legal expert of the Culture Centre, the tutorial council is to thoroughly examine the project which is being built near the burial place located on a hill. The building may cause a mudslide which would destroy the vault.


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