Victor Yushchenko, Ilham Aliyev, Mikhail Saakashvili, and Vladimir Voronin, the Heads of State taking part in today’s GUAM summit in Kyiv, have signed three documents: a Declaration to found ODED-GUAM, its statute and a summit communiqué.

By signing the Kyiv Declaration toestablish an Organization for Democracy and Economic Development its members confirm their desire to cooperatively promote democracy, stability and security and build closer ties with the European Union and NATO. The document also says other countries sharing principles and goals of the organization can join it.

The statute is an interstate international agreement that should beapproved by the parliaments ofGeorgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Moldova. It defines principles, priorities and the structure of the organization and also explains how the members will make decisions and interact with other international organizations and countries.

The summit communiqué contains information about the summit, its participants, anddocuments the Heads of State have signed.


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