Crimean Tatars’ settle problem has until 2011 to be resolved, Crimean VR Chairman Anatoly Hrytsenko told at the working consultation with participation of Server Saliyev, the Head of the Cabinet’s Committee for International Ties and Deportees.

In the course of the consultation, the participants discussed the republican program of the settlement, social and cultural development of the deportees for 2006-2010. The local budget will finance the program. The project is to supplement and consolidate the similar national one passed by the Cabinet of Ukraine on May 11, 2006.

According to Hrytsenko, the new program will be considered and approved by Crimean VR’s session in June.

The program is due to tighten control over the funds allocated by the government and the republican budget for deportees’ settlement. The Committee for International Ties and Deportees has been commissioned with working up the population register of the deportees living in the Crimean Autonomous Republic and having no houses and no land. The Chairman Hrytsenko is convinced that one of the urgent questions is to examine the real state of things and figures otherwise the problem would be everlasting one.

“I am confident that the concrete actions and real deeds for every deported family will contribute stability, concordance and mutual respect to all Crimean society,” stressed Hrytsenko.


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