Ukraine’s leaving from CIS is not an item for current consideration by Ukrainian authorities, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Tarasyuk said Thursday at the press conference.

“I want all journalists to calm down. Stop exploiting this issue. No one passed any decision on the withdrawal form the Commonwealth of Independent States,” stressed Borys Tarasyuk.

According to what he said, the commissioned authorities are holding consultations and analysing the situation. “Ukraine is aimed at constructive participation in CIS activities but, unfortunately, Ukraine’s initiatives having valuable meaning for CIS citizens have no response or support,” mentioned the Foreign Minister of Ukraine.

The Foreign ministry of Ukraine expressed its delight with the RF President Putin’s statement that the suitable model of cooperation within CIS would be a creation of optimal economic system, the Spokesman of the Ministry Vasyl Filipchuk said.

“We steadily stressed that exactly usage of CIS for promotion of the economic interests will create the future trends for development of all its members and will protect their national and economic interests,” Filipchuk stressed.


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