According to information and analytical project “Christian Ukraine Today”, about 2,000 HIV+ people are registered in Cherkasy region, including dozens of children, EDDI reported.

It is a great problem for their parents to get them admitted to kindergartens. According to a survey, conducted by journalists, only one out of 50 kindergartens agreed to take a child with HIV, though such refusals contradict the law. Mother of a HIV+ child said, “I tried to take my child to a kindergarten 3 times. Kindergarten teacher refused us rudely saying “Get out of here and don’t spread infection here, and why did you come here, to the kindergarten, at all?”

Under Ukrainian law, HIV is not an obstacle for a child to visit kindergarten or school. Olha Mardar, psychologist, explains that the reasons of such conflicts lie in prejudice and ignorance of administrators and pedagogues alone. All children sometimes make small injuries to themselves and others, but HIV is not transmitted via scratches and bruises. Olha Vakuliuk, head doctor of Cherkasy Regional AIDS Center, underlined that not a single child had ever got HIV in kindergarten or school.


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