In Our Ukraine bloc there are some politicians, who oppose the formation of democratic coalition, as declared Yulia Tymoshenko during a press conference.

She noted that “these guys would better eat their hands than sign a memorandum, in which our political force would have a right to form government.”

According to Tymoshenko, “certain compromised politicians have fears and phobias, but it does not mean they must become leading stars while forming the coalition.”

Tymoshenko also stressed she never hatched plots against the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and never took steps for his impeachment. According to her, the very team of the President arranged all these, but she did her best to “treat the President at the highest political level.”

Yulia Tymoshenko also added her eponymous election bloc would not cooperate with the pro-Russian Party of Regions.

"No mixture of political blood is possible," Tymoshenko said, adding that there was no context for cooperation with the party led by long-time rival Viktor Yanukovich.

"We view the Party of Regions as an opposition party," said Tymoshenko.

The former Premier said representatives of Yanukovich’s party could chair a number of committees in the new Parliament or the Audit Chamber.


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