At a mass media briefing, Mykola Poludionny, Legal Adviser to the President, said the Secretariat would try to find ways to hold a swearing-in ceremony for judges of Ukraine’s constitutional court before the Verkhovna Rada of the Fourth Convocation officially closes its last session.

“Although this Verkhovna Rada has almost finished its work, president’s advisers and moderate politicians will try to find ways to resolve the problem and make the Verkhovna Rada hold a swearing-in ceremony,” he said, adding that the President might convene parliamentarians for a special session.

Poludionny reminded those present that yesterday, April 4, nine judges came to parliament but had to leave when the ceremony had been postponed.

“They were angered at that disrespectful reception and hostile negative position of the Regions Party and the Socialists,” he said.

Poludionny reiterated that Victor Yushchenko and Verkhovna Rada Speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn agreed to hold the ceremonyand this initiative was later supported by the deputies.

“Unfortunately, they again failed to fulfill their obligation to convene an efficient court,” he said. “This cannot happen over and over again. The government and society must reach understanding and force all to obey the law regardless of ranks and posts.”


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