Victor Yushchenko has met face-to-face with Vasyl Malyarenko, Chairman of Ukraine’s Supreme Court, Yuri Lutsenko, Interior Minister, and Ihor Drizhchany, Head of Security Service of Ukraine, President's press office reported.

They spoke about results of the Sunday vote  and discussed ways to preserve political and social stability in the country.

“Now it is really important to form a coalition and then a new government and also preserve law and order in Ukraine,” he said.

The Chief of State reiterated that the elections had been conducted democratically and said allegations about manipulations at the polls should have “documentary proofs.”

“The government’s readiness to recount ballots at some regional polls is a further proof of our honesty,” he added.

Then Mr. Yushchenko said “we cannot protect civil rights having no impartial and independent courts” and so insisted that it was vital to introduce judicial reforms.

“Corruption in courts is one of the reasons why those who rigged the 2004 election have not been punished,” he said. 

When speaking about a future parliamentary coalition, the President said he was convinced that leading political forces would soon reach understanding and formulate a coalition concept.

He urged their leaders to find ideological compromises and build steady fundamentals of Ukraine’s state policy.

Mr. Yushchenko believes they can unite to continue carrying out this year’s presidential address to the Verkhovna Rada and his election program “Ten Steps for the People.”

“I am sure these documents are basic for integration of Ukraine’s democratic forces,” he opined.

The Head of State also assured all he was ready to cooperate with both a parliamentary majority and opposition forces. 


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