"The parliamentary election held in Ukraine on 26 March was normal and we estimate the poll as positive,” Natik Mammadov, the Secretary of the Central Elections Commission (CEC), told Trend in the interview.

As a reminder, Mammadov and Elshan Asgarov, the Head of CEC division monitored the parliamentary elections in Ukraine.

Having arrived in Ukraine beforehand, the Azerbaijani delegation observed the pre-election campaign mainly in Kiev, the meetings of the candidates with the electors and election ad campaign. “We observed the polls starting from opening of polling stations till tabulation of votes. The elections were normal. The irregularities were of technical character, including absence of names of some electors in the voter’s lists, queues in the polling stations, presence of several people in one cabin which drew attention. However, they were so inconsiderable to affect the general results or seriously violate the voters’ will,” Mammadov concluded.


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