Victor Yushchenko and Ivan Vasyunyk, First Deputy Chief of Staff, visited the Central Election Commission in order to ensure that the country is well-prepared for upcoming elections on March 26. The President complimented Yaroslav Davydovych, CEC Head, and its members on everything they were doing, President's press office reported.

He reiterated that this year’s campaign would cost Ukraine one billion hryvnyas and said the government was monitoring the optimal use of these funds. 85% of the funds have already been spent, while the rest will be used to cover post-election procedures.

The Head of State said the Central Election Commission was cooperating with local government to make registers of voters virtually errorless. He reminded those present that during the second round of the 2004 presidential election our registers were full of so-called dead souls, and said it was now incumbent on the government to correct all mistakes.

“Today, Ukraine has one of the most accurate registers over the past eight or ten years. There is no doubt in that,” Yushchenko said, adding that he, however, was “not idealizing the whole process.”

The President said it was necessary to pass a law on the register of physical persons. It will later be used to make a new register of voters, which will be permanently revised and should also help simplify and improve preparations for next elections.

Then they discussed recent legal changes allowing members of local commissions to vote at their polls and convene additional commissions. The CEC members think it will help prevent many manipulations and create more comfortable conditions for voters. The Chief of State said he would first consult his lawyers to learn if a law allowing voters to correct registers on March 26 is legal and then sign it.

Yushchenko urged the media to be ‘goodwill messengers’ and inform Ukraine’s citizens of all procedures and rights.

The President also inspected the data server room and spoke with workers of the telecommunications department.


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