The book about Yulia Timoshenko hits the stalls in Germany and Russia this month. It is written by Dmitry Popov, the German journalist, in collaboration with his Russian colleague, Ilya Milstain, who lives and works in Germany now. The book will be presented March18  at the famous Leipzig book fair.

According to Dmitry Popov, this book is written for the Western reader in the first place, and it is the first book dedicated to a Ukrainian politic which is published in the West.

“The book is already pre-ordered by all the national newspapers of Germany, the research institutes and the fund organizations that form not only the official German policy towards Ukraine, but the public opinion, too,” he says.

Ilya Milstain describes the book as “attempt to look narrowly at a portrait of one of Ukraine’s leaders”.

Both authors do not expect the book, which is objective and critical enough, to be enjoyed by fans or haters of its main character. “I reckon on the reader who is clever, skeptical, tired ofall thehidden political quarrels, but who would not give up his or her hope for the better,” Ilya says.

As the authors’ agent Galina Dursthoff announced, first printing of the German version of the book would amount to 5,000 of copies, though the next printing is being prepared for.

According to the book’s Russian publisher Olga Morozova, the first printing for Russian market would amount to 10,000 of copies.

The book has been published in Germany by DuMont publishing house, Tymoshenko's press ofice reported.


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