The subject of Russian TV channel “RTR” about possible location of a CIA prison on the territory of Makarov-1 garrison was an attempt to discredit Ukraine, its Armed Forces, foreign and home policy, as declared Defense Minister of Ukraine Anatoly Hrytsenko.

“This special operation and disinformation harmed image of Ukraine, its Armed Forces, officers, who serve in Makarov-1, and citizens of that region,” said Hrytsenko, press office of the Ministry reported Thursday.

According to the Minister, preparing the subject a Russian journalist did address neither press office of the Defense Ministry, nor officers of the unit, “and consequently untrue and unproved information was spread among vast masses.”

“Obviously the Russian party must apologize and refute the information. And I am telling not only about TV channel “Rossia”, but about “the Russian party” in general, as this object (Makarov-1 – ed.) is protected at the level of intergovernmental agreements,” pointed out Hrytsenko.

The Minister informed journalist that he with Anatoly Lopata, chairman of public board attached to Defense Ministry, and general-lieutenant Anatoly Sobor, support forces commander, examined the inside of the object and made sure there are no prisoners.

Hrytsenko underlined that general-lieutenant Vladimir Kuzmichev, an attaché on defense issues of RF Embassy in Ukraine, had been also invited for examination, but he ignored the invitation without any explanations.

The Defense Minister refuted the Russian journalist’s accusations for him and for general-lieutenant Serhiy Kirichenko, Armed Forces commander-in-chief, about that they allegedly gave a secret order concerning reequipment of a building on the territory of Makarov-1 for a secret prison for ten detained terrorists.

According to the Minister, mentioning of documents of Vinnitsa firm “Triumph”, which allegedly witness about execution phase of reequipment of a building for a prison is “complete lies.” “There is only one firm “Triumph” in Vinnitsa and it practise cabal television,” said Hrytsenko and added that groundless accusations also harmed the image of this firm.

Hrytsenko pointed out that July 25, 2005, when he allegedly gave a secret order to the air-base commander in Ozerny to meet an aircraft with prisoners, he was on leave in Crimea and had no right to give any order. “It means that it is also lie,” said the Minister.

The Defense Minister showed to journalists a copy of the order, which the Russian journalist referred to. Hrytsenko explained that this order is a rough fake. The document has been designed incorrectly, has rude stylistic mistakes and non-existent number. Besides, the document does not have the official stamp; surname of unit commander is written with mistakes, and the signature is forged.


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