President of Ukraine signed three legislations: the Law on Ratification of Ukraine-Azerbaijan Intergovernmental Agreement on Labour Activity and Social Protection of the citizens of Ukraine and Azerbaijan temporary working on the territory of these countries; the law on Ratification of Ukraine-Gambia Intergovernmental Agreement on Cooperation in the Economic, Educational, Scientific and Technical spheres; the Law on Ratification of Ukraine-Tajikistan Agreement on Friendship and Cooperation.

Ukraine-Azerbaijan Agreement regulates legal aspects of job placement and social guarantees for legal labour migrants. It also regulates the customs rules and taxation for the labour migrants. 243 out of 395 registered members of the parliament voted for the Law.

According to Ukraine-Gambia Agreement on Cooperation, two countries provide student, teachers and scientist exchange within the framework joint research and educational programs. Two countries intensify the cooperation in the field of agriculture and industry, joint enterprises and development of small and middle business. The agreement will be valid for three years and may be prolonged in the future. 245 members of the parliament backed the proposal.

Ukraine-Tajikistan Agreement is aimed at establishment and development friendly ties and mutually beneficial cooperation in the social-economical, political and humanitarian spheres in accordance with the international legislation. 240 members of the parliament supported the Law.


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