The European Commission finally reacted with an official statement to the increased tension on the Ukraine-Moldova border, Euro-reportersinformed.
Following the implementation, on 3 March, of a joint customs declaration with Moldova, Ukraine has only been allowing 'official' goods through from the breakaway Transdniestrian region.
This means Transdniestrian companies must first receive an official Moldovan customs stamp.

"The Commission condemns any efforts by the self-proclaimed Transdniestrian authorities to hamper the legitimate movement of goods across the Ukrainian - Moldovan State border and to impede registration of economic operators with the Moldovan authorities," said the Commission in a statement today.

The EU currently has a Border Assistance Mission along the frontier between Moldova and Ukraine.

"These measures do not in any way constitute a blockade," added the Commission. "The purpose of the measures is to ensure transparency of border operations, allowing any legitimate goods to pass the border between Ukraine and Moldova freely."

A similar arrangement was in place between Ukraine and Moldova from May 2003 until August 2004.

Russia has sent advisers to Transdniester and termed the new customs procedure a 'blockade'. On Friday, in a declaration, the Russian State Duma warned not only of 'serious' damage to Transdniestrian economy but also of a 'humanitarian disaster'.


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