Yevhen Kushnaryov the Head of the Party of Regions (PR) election campaign calls the graduation of the Jackson-Vanik Amendment a kind of the US promotion for the orange power. He thinks it will not benefit Ukraine much, the PR press office informed.

“It is so touching to see how unanimous the US Senators, Congressmen, the executive power and the orange leaders were. The discredited politicians got the US promotion,” said Kushnaryov.

He reckons that it will not increase Ukrainian export to the USA. In his opinion, the decision passed on Wednesday was not a final one.

The future of the amendment’s graduation depends on the poll results, Kushnaryov told. If the results are in the orange favour, the USA will graduate it from Ukraine, he concludes.

“The USA is the shady player of the election in Ukraine. The US aim is to back discredited Maydan’s power blindly dancing to the foreign tune, by all means,” concludes Kushnaryov.


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