Prime Minister of Ukraine and the first number in “Our Ukraine” bloc’s election list Yuri Yekhanurov calls out former PM and leader of Party of regions Victor Yanukovich to debates, as declared head of information department of the bloc Tetyana Mokridy.

“We have been calling out Yanukovich since the first day of election campaign, and it is nice that his political strategists have finally agreed,” said Morkidy.

According to her words, “March 24 is the most appropriate date, as Yanukovich won’t have any choice to postpone the debates. Either he will come or not.”

HQ of “Our Ukraine” is ready to consider TV channels’ propositions concerning format of debates between Yekhanurov and Yanukovich,” she added.

As a reminder, February 23 Yanukovich expressed his readiness to take part in TV debates with Yekhanurov. March 2 PM declared that he agrees. Today “Inter” TV Channel declares its readiness to give the air for the debates.


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