In an interview with the First National Television Channel, Victor Yushchenko complimented the government of Yuriy Yekhanurov on what they had managed to achieve, President's press office informed.

“I think the year 2005 was one of Ukraine’s most successful economic and social years,” he said, citing convincing statistical data.

The Head of State added that last September the government had managed to stop negative economic tendencies.

“Since October almost all industries have been developing […],” he said.

Yushchenko opined that the new government had managed to stabilize the economy leaving “monthly crises” in the past, which helped raise salaries and develop many social programs. He reiterated that real incomes of the population had increased by 20%.

“I would say these tendencies are very healthy and should be preserved in 2006,” he said. “The Prime Minister and his government deserve good, competent and positive marks.”


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