Victor Yushchenko signed a decree to establish a public council for fair elections, the President press service told.

In his weekly radio address, he said the council would control the March vote and ensure the observance of electoral rights. It will be headed by Borys Paton, President of the National Academy of Sciences.

“As President of Ukraine, I will spare no effort to make this election democratic. I will demand that central and regional government should observe electoral laws and my decree on fair elections,” he said, reminding all that the upcoming vote would be closely monitored by the intentional community.

“On March 26, Ukrainians will not elect a premier or a chancellor but a new parliamentary majority. I believe this will be a democratic majority which will honestly represent millions of people and defend interests of Ukrainians and Ukraine but not other countries,” he opined, urging society to be active and come to the polls.

The Head of State also said he opposed legislative immunity: “I share the conviction of democratic parties and blocs supporting the repeal of this norm.”

He said the Central Election Commission and local election commissions were fully responsible for conducting the election and later transparently counting the votes. Yushchenko admitted that local commissions lacked twelve thousand workers.

“I demand that the CEC should form the polls and ensure the work of the commissions,” he said.

Then the President called on all participants of the campaignto respect voters and observe laws.



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