The police detained the Director General of Elita-Centre Ihor Tsyhanok who is involved in the criminal pyramid. He managed to hold several press conferences where he denied his guilt and connection with the fraud.

According to his words, he was aware that swindlers committed machinations under cover of good name of his company but he could not do anything with it. He even proposed to help the victims by finishing of house in O. Shmidt Street for additional $10 million.

As a reminder, Mikhailo Protsak the activist of the Deceived Investors Initiative Group said 20% of apartments were bought on banks credit. The leading capital real estate agencies Planeta Obolon and Blahovest and Aval Bank and Creditprombank were involved in the Pyramid.

The banks have insured their credit risk that is why they are not interested in making the affair public. According to Protsak, the banks will demand the compensation from the insurance companies in the court.

Yesterday, the session of the special committee created by Kyiv City Council considered the issue, Volodymyr Yalovy the Co-Chairman of the Committee told. “There are only 20% of victims insured their credits. Many contracts were not insured and notarized,”said Yalovy.

“March 2, we will consider this situation in the session of Kyiv City Council, settle it and prevent it in the future. We will do it at the municipal and do not wait for the government of Ukraine,” said Yalovy.


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