Representatives of Ukrainian power are staying at Olympic Games in Turin by invitation of Turin organizational committee, as reported official statement of National Olympic Committee of Ukraine (NOC).

As says the statement, every NOC, depending on quantitative composition of an officials delegation, has a right to invite representatives of parliament and government, sponsors and patrons of Olympic movement. The quota for the Ukrainian delegation makes 18 persons, every of whom will stay in Turin during the week.

Ukraine’s Vice PM Vyacheslav Kyrylenko and first deputy Chief of Staff Ivan Vasyunyk attended the Games by invitation of Turin organizational committee. Minister for Family, Youth and Sport Yuri Pavlenko, as well as sport ministers of other countries, is staying in Turin according to protocol with attendant and is provided with guard by the country-host. “Staying of attendants was paid for invitees’ own account,” as noted in the statement.

According to data from NOC, composition of the official delegation of Ukraine for participation in XX winter Olympic Games was considered and confirmed on November 2005 during the session of organizational committee on preparation and participation of Ukrainian sportsmen in summer and winter Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, Deflaympic Games, World and Europe championships.

53 sportsmen in nine out of 15 kinds of sport presented in Olympic program represent Ukraine at Olympic Games in Turin. According to official documents of International Olympic Committee (MOC), sportsmen are accompanied by couches, doctors, masseurs, technical staff and HQ members. Composition of Olympic delegation of Ukraine makes 106 people.

Earlier, deputy head of BYuT HQ Mikhailo Brodsky declared that PM of Ukraine Yuri Yekhanurov should conduct an investigation on fact that relatives of Ukrainian members of government and heads of NSNU had been included in the official Olympic delegation of Ukraine.

“Yekhanurov must explain the fact that wives and daughters of government members had gone to Turin passing themselves off as interpreters or couch assistants. In particular, the matter concerns Anatoly Kinakh’s daughter and Yuri Pavlenko’s wife. Besides, it would not be out of place to explain the grounds, on which vice PM Kyrylenko, Deputy Chief of Staff Vasyunik, other ministers and their deputies were also included in the official delegation,” declared Brodsky.


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