Commenting reports of Polish Mass Medias, Ukraine’s consul in Krakow Mikhailo Brodovich denied that he had caused car accident in a state of alcoholic intoxication and escaped the scene. He assured that he concluded a gentleman's agreement with the driver of the damaged car.

Polish Daily “Gazeta Wyborcza” reports that the consul met with Krakow inhabitant twice and settled the problem. Brodovich did not specify what exactly he had promise to the drive of the damaged Fiat, but the victim “wasn’t in good mood, unlike the consul.”

“The situation isn’t so good, but I have agreed to verbal understanding. My family has remained safe and unharmed, and I have a chance for compensation,” declared the inhabitant of Krakow after the talk with the consul, the newspaper reports.

In the interview with “Gazeta Wyborcza” Ukrainian diplomat admitted that he collided with Fiat, but the accident was insignificant. The consul explained that he had not stopped as he had decided to estimate the damage with another driver in a safer place. Brodovich noted that he had turned on emergency headlights and saw Fiat following him. “I didn’t assume that the drive would treat my actions as an attempt to escape the scene of the accident and would block my way, and that’s why I didn’t pull up,” said the diplomat, having added that that is why he had not pulled up before Fiat, as a result of which the cars collide again.

Brodovich acknowledged that he had refused to test the blood for alcohol but explained it by standard diplomatic practise in order to prevent any provocations. He stressed none of diplomats would agree to do it. The consul flatly denied that he was driving drunken.

Fiat driver, in turns, noted that he had been tracing consul’s Volvo after the accident because he had supposed Volvo’s driver to be a criminal. He said he had not seen Volvo’s emergency headlights. “Trying to escape after the accident he ran a red light at several crossroads. I stopped him in a kilometre far from the scene of the accident,” said Fiat driver.


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