Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko said Monday that her political bloc had drafted blueprints for building a parliamentary coalition following the March 2006 elections and offered them to its allies for consideration, RIA Novosty informed.

The Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko's press office said the draft provides for a coalition with President Victor Yushchenko's Our Ukraine party and the Socialist Party of Ukraine, and it compelled each of its prospective members to abstain from teaming up with the Party of Regions, led by Victor Yanukovich.

"I'm ready to give public assurances that [as long as] I'm involved, no such coalition [with the Regions Party] will ever be formed; no circumstances will make me [ally with the party]. I'd like both Yushchenko and [Socialist Party leader Oleksandr] Moroz to sign up for this commitment, as well," the press office quoted Tymoshenko as saying.

Tymoshenko also proposed that the privilege of nominating a Prime Minister be given to the pro-revolution party that would win the largest number of seats in the Parliament.


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