To date Russia controls 260 km of Crimean coast without any correspondent documents, agreements and payment, as declared Serhiy Blyznyukov, Defense Minister aid on functioning of the RF Black Sea Fleet on the territory of Ukraine, in an interview to newspaper “Delo”.

Commenting on the last dispute between Russia and Ukraine concerning lighthouses in Crimea, Blyznyukov noted that dividing Fleet of the former USSR Ukraine’s government decided to divide property, equipment and arms fifty-fifty. Russia got 81.7% of ships and Ukraine – 18.3%. Russia reimbursed Ukraine for 31.7%. The corresponding agreement was signed in Sochy in 1995.

The Minister’s aid underlined that “negotiations between Ukraine and Russia never touched upon the question concerning division of system of navigation and hydrographic equipment, lighthouses and signs in particular. “ “The sides proceeded from that every state is responsible for navigation security in its waters. Consequently, a lighthouse or a sign can not belong to a foreign state in territorial waters of another state. International convention also states this,” noted Blyznyukov.

“Since 1996 notifications of navigators of General Department of navigation and oceanography of the Russian Federation have stated that hydrographic service of the RF delivered all navigation and hydrographic objects to national (Ukrainian – ed.) services and declined all responsibility for security of ships’ navigation in foreign territorial waters. These notifications are official document for navigators. At the same time, to date Russia controls Ukrainian coast 260 km long without any papers, agreements, payment,” said Blyznyukov.

“The matter concerns 117 hydrographic objects, located on 260 km of Crimean coast,” specified the Minister’s aid in response to the question how many objects Russia uses illegally. “Part of them is already under control of the Ukrainian party. 40 objects left, five of which are lighthouses. Beginning from 2001 courts deliver objects to the Ukrainian party, as Russia tries to control them without documentation,” he added.


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