“I am 100% convinced that pro-presidential forces will win the majority seats in the new Parliament,” people’s deputy, a member of “Our Ukraine” Electoral Bloc, Mykhaylo Pozhyvanov said in an interview to RAZOM site.

“There is no alternative to the Orange majority. I travel a lot throughout regions, including the regions with allegedly high rating of the Party of Regions; I mean Luhansk, Donetsk and Zaporizhzhya regions. I visit not only big cities but small towns too. I see that people understand that the President needs a parliamentary majority in order to implement his program. Public conscience is changing. People understand that they should back pro-presidential forces at the elections. That’s why I am convinced that we will get this very result if our information support is right and our co-operation inside our Bloc is good,” said the deputy.

“Roman Bezsmertnyi states that at the elections he is ready for co-operation with everybody, including Tymoshenko. That’s why if she is sincere and sincerely declares her support of Viktor Yushchenko, she will accept his hand. I am sure that she should make the right choice”, Pozhyvanov underlined.


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