During a press conference after a special cabinet meeting, Victor Yushchenko said the year 2005 had been really successful in terms of social policy, the President's press service told.

“We had never had such a successful social year before. It is not easy to maintain such tendencies but may God help us do it in 2006,” he said.

“Today, we can frankly and firmly claim that our government has passed its macroeconomic culture exam,” Yushchenko opined and then added that they had managed to achieve good results after “political shocks Ukraine has survived in the past two years.”

He dwelled on major achievements of the new Ukrainian government: a budget deficit is lower than planned, state debts were reduced, inflation is controllable, National Bank reserves grew to $20 bln, and GDP increased by 3%.

The President also noted that indices in several “tough GDP branches” such as machine building, metallurgy, chemical, oil-refining and wood-processing industries had improved despite steadily falling two years ago. Yushchenko expressed confidence that the housing industry would be recognized as one of the most profitable industries in 2005.

“We have climbed out of the depression and we can see the first signs of industrial growth. So there are all reasons to say we achieved commendable economic and social results last year,” he said.

Yushchenko informed those present that he was going to discuss all achievements and failures in detail during a special meeting with governors in a few weeks.

Commenting on a 2006 Action Plan, the President characterized it as very specific.

“You will not find a single word that is not supported with figures,” he said. “We would like to show the people that the year 2006 will be uniquely dynamic. We want to stress that in 2006 Ukraine will face unique challenges it has not responded to for years, and that each minister and ministry will have a unique action plan.”

The Head of State also emphasized the importance of social aspects of the plan.

“The document is intent to radically reform medical, educational, scientific and cultural policies to raise social standards for the people within one year.”


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