German parliamentarians hope the dismissal of the Ukrainian government will not result in political chaos in Ukraine.

Deputy of Bundestag, Speaker for foreign policy questions of the Social-Democratic Party of Germany Herd Weiskirchen warned Ukraine of sticking of vacuum of power in the country.

“Those in the Verkhovna Rada, who initiated the dismissal of the government, must realize that by such actions they threaten to turn Ukraine into unpredictable factor again,” said Weiskirchen in an interview to Deutsche Welle.

He expressed hope that Ukrainian parliament has enough moderate forces, which will prevent from a political chaos. “All moderate forces must recover their senses and to form a new government as quickly as possible,” noted the Bundestag deputy.

Commenting on the constitutional reform, according to which the Verkhovna Rada received more plenary powers, Weiskirchen stressed that “constitutional reform is right decision, but it is important for politicians to use the power reasonably and in the interests of Ukraine.”

However, Herd Weiskirchen added, it is impossible to say that Ukrainian deputies follow this. “The majority, which sacked the government, doesn’t even fancy consequences of their actions,” he declared.


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