Ex-PM Yuliya Timoshenko said Tuesday she approved of the decision by Verkhovna Rada to dismiss current government of Ukraine, RIAN reports.

"This means that the next prime minister and the next government will be elected by Ukrainian people, and not a backstage regime," she said.

On the natural gas issue, Timoshenko said that the country has "all the technical possibilities, in accordance with international agreements with Russia, to receive [gas] at the price and volume stipulated in international agreements."

"There is no threat to Ukraine in doing this, taking into account the fact that during the first days of January, all civilized countries rose to the defense of Ukraine, and said that, yes, Ukraine needs to switch to world prices, but at the same time needs to keep to international futures conditions, which were agreed between Ukraine and Russia," she said.

Yuliya Tymoshenko who came into office on the back of the "orange revolution", was dismissed as prime minister by President Viktor Yushchenko on September 8, 2005 after seven months in the job.


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