In a brief interview for reporters, Victor Yushchenko said he believed the fair price of Russian gas in Ukraine should be $75-80 for one thousand cubic meters, the President's press office told.

“Each year this price will change in accordance with the European pricing formula,” he noted.

The Head of State reiterated that Ukraine currently paid $50 for one thousand cubic meters and had already bought 1.5 billion cubic meters for $80.

“Thus this year the market price of Russian gas has been $65. We correlated it with coal prices, which had been raised by 17%, and oil prices … and easily concluded that an objective price of Russian gas in the Ukrainian market should be $75-80,” he stressed.

Yushchenko added that it was really important to honestly negotiate the gas prices and the terms of transit and transition.

The President said he appreciated all initiatives of the two sides at today’s talks in Moscow and noted that the Ukrainian delegation had arrived in Russia “not empty-handed.” The Head of State said he was convinced that it was only a culmination of the talks.

“I am sure we will step by step build a harmonized gas and transit economy,” he emphasized.

Yushchenko noted that it was, in fact, our initiative to develop liberalized relations in the gas market.

“We would like to apply European methods in the transit of Russian gas to Europe. […],” he said.

The President then stressed Ukraine and Russia should agree on a new schedule of gas deliveries and discuss new principles to use our gas depots.

“It is absolutely European to deliver gas in time, providing pressure in the gas main, […],” he claimed.

The President also noted that Ukraine did not need any credits to buy Russian gas and said we would pay our own money but “[it should be] a clear, proper and objective price of a transition period.”

The Head of State said Ukraine aimed to reach an agreement on gradual transition to liberalized gas prices and added that it might take up to three years. Yushchenko is, however, convinced the sides will eventually understand the importance of the transition period.


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